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[TRAINER] Kitchen Scramble v3.4 Multi features  


on 31st January 2015, 4:48 pm

Game about:
You’re a brand new chef with just a food truck and a dream -- to cook your way to the top of the culinary world!
-Cook hundreds of dishes, with steps based on real recipes
-Serve interesting, demanding, and unique customers
-Meet the Politician, the Cop, the Grandmother, and more
-Take your truck through the colorful level maps
-Learn to cook exciting regional cuisines of each location
Work your way through different levels
-Stay on top of the action to keep your customers from getting angry!
-Upgrade your kitchen to increase efficiency
-Keep your customers happy to earn 3 stars!

Game address:


  • Cheat Engnie New Version
  • Trainer
  • Browser


  • Instant Cooking
  • Visitor Heart
  • Tip Bonus+
  • Easy Heart Gauge


  1. Open game Kitchen Scramble into lobby
  2. Open Trainer
  3. Inject proccess
  4. Select Cheat
  5. Activated Cheat
  6. Happy Cheating

Video Tutorial:
<center><iframe src="" width="600" height="420" frameborder="0"></iframe></center>
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on 31st January 2015, 4:55 pm


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