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[RELEASE] Bot Script  


on 25th September 2015, 6:47 pm

Thsi is a bot for game. This is great for getting exp.
It's a simple script that you use with tampermonkey(for chrome) or greasemonkey(for firefox).

Tampermonkey(if u use chrome)
Greasemonkey(if u use firefox)

Install Steps
Step 1 l Install TamperMonkey : HERE!!! (Chrome Extension)
       Or Install GreaseMoney: HERE!! (Firefox Extension)

Step 2 l Goto

Step 3 l Open Bot,Loader, and Launcher and click raw on each.

Step 4 l Click install on the opened tab.

Step 5 l Open and Enjoy (I personally use this bot and it works perfectly :3

-Make Comment To Unlock the Download LINK-

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