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[TRAINER] Pearl's Peril Hack v3.8 Instan Hint Cooldown and No Wrong Click Penalty  


on 18th November 2015, 6:38 am

Game description:
Are you talented enough to solve a mystery? Keen at finding Hidden Objects? Do you love a great story?
Get swept back to the romantic and sordid 1930’s along with our trailblazing heroine, Pearl Wallace, ace pilot and world explorer. Pearl’s glamorous social life grinds to a halt when her father mysteriously dies and she inherits a strange island filled with perilous secrets. Journey with Pearl and her deliciously sarcastic best friend, Iris Hillman, as they travel the world, uncover a global conspiracy, and navigate a chilling mystery you won’t soon forget!
Game address:


  • Instan Hint Cooldown
  • No Wrong Penalty


  • Trainer
  • Browser


  1. Open Pearl's Peril into loby
  2. Open Trainer
  3. Inject Proccess
  4. Select Cheat
  5. Activated cheat
  6. Happy Cheating


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