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[RELEASE]Into The Dead - Money Hack  


on 22nd December 2014, 3:15 am

PikPok Team they realise the Game: Into The Dead on Facebook

Open Cheat Engine
2.Scan your money (Value Type:4 Bytes)
3.Now spend some money (buy something) or play 1 game
4.Now put the number of your money and press Next Scan
5.Take the address u will find (on me it was 1)
6.Change the value on 999999999 .... now buy something and u will see on your account 999.999.999(probably less because u buy the weapon like: 999.998.867)

With That Money You Can Buy: Weapon(not the Premium), Skin Packs, Dogs(not the Premium) & Boost Run

With this money hack u cant buy the Premium Weapons and Dogs for this u need Real Money


Enjoy Smile ....Feel free to ask me if u have question

on 21st March 2015, 10:20 am

Thanks Bro

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