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[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack  



[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Emptyon 30th September 2015, 10:43 pm


[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Trains10
Hello everyone!
I've made a bot for the facebook game TrainStation, written in AutoIT.
Seeing as it works pretty good (better than expected), I'll share it will everyone!


  • AutoIT Installed
  • A Facebook Account!
  • Hints enabled in the game
  • Running the game on High-Quality


  • Unload Trains from Station
  • Unload Trains from Docks
  • Unload Trains from Town
  • Send Trains on a 10 minute trip
  • Catch "easter eggs/mail packages"
  • Automatically close any dialog that pops up
  • Resolution independant

How does it work?
This bot uses the hint arrows in the game to determine what to do. When a train arrives at the station, the arrow will be pointing at each of the waggons and lastly the engine itself.

Once the bot is started, press CTRL + Shift + T on your keyboard to actually start/stop the bot, you will see in the log window (and a tooltip window) if the bot was started or if an error occurred.

Files & Folders in the zip archive:

  • TS.au3 - The main file to run with AutoIT's Editor
  • ImageSearchDLL.dll - A dll file which contains functions to search the screen for a subimage
  • ImageSearch_hacked.au3 - An AutoIT script file that interfaces the .dll file
  • images - A folder that contains all the subimages used in the script

The reason that I do not recommend fullscreen is because it will take longer for the script to search the whole screen than the default size of the window.

Download link:
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[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Emptyon 1st October 2015, 10:40 pm


Thanx Admin


[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Emptyon 2nd October 2015, 1:40 pm


Cheater Level 1
thanks bro

#4Trgala Sitesi

[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Emptyon 3rd October 2015, 4:29 am

Trgala Sitesi

tnx bro

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[BOT] Train Station Multi Hack Empty

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